We need your help.


If you have any suspicion a child is a sex trafficking victim - Take action now.

Trafficking Hotline: 1-855-55-TNHTH (1-855-558-6484)
Email: stopsextrafficking@tn.gov

Calling the hotline is a simple confidential step you can take to combat this crime.

It is a 24 hour resource to provide information to callers about human sex trafficking. It provides a confidential way for victims and/or witnesses to report instances of human trafficking or suspicious behavior.

Who answers the hotline calls?

The calls are answered by professionals specifically trained to receive calls, collect information, and provide referral services to callers. Callers who need foreign language translation will be connected with a government sponsored national trafficking hotline operated by the Polaris Project.

Who is the hotline for?

The hotline is for anyone who is a victim or potential victim of human trafficking, for people who believe they may have information about possible human trafficking, and for citizens who want to know more about human trafficking in Tennessee.

Will my call to the hotline be treated confidentially?

All calls made to the hotline, the content of any conversation thereon, and the telephone number from which the call was made is confidential, is not an open record, and not available for public inspection except by order of a court of competent jurisdiction when necessary in a pending criminal investigation.

Your efforts, and ours, are working.

Thanks to awareness campaigns like this, calls to the hotline have increased 200% —
and the quality of those calls in yielding useful information has also improved significantly.

If you see suspicious activity, report it immediately.

Contact Government Officials

Did you know that one call to your representative is the equivalent of 100 individual opinions? Your voice matters! In this section you will find helpful contact information and sample talking points/email messages to use when raising your voice. Don't sit silent and let the victimization of our girls, women and boys continue.


Contact Government Officials Contact Government Officials